Voluntary Termination of Parental Rights and How it Works

voluntary terminationIf there is good cause, voluntary termination of parental rights can move forward. However, this means that both parties have to consent to the matter. Every parent has a right to have a relationship with a child, which means on a financial and personal level. You might find that voluntary termination of rights is a difficult thing to go through, but this doesn’t mean that it’s impossible if you feel that it’s right for your situation.

What Needs to Happen 

A court usually won’t just grant a voluntary termination if there is no cause to do so. They will want to gain a better understanding of why you are seeking a voluntary termination and if it is in the best interests of everyone involved. Two of the most common reasons for this type of termination is to terminate financial obligation for a child and when parent wants the other parent to be completely out of the child’s life. The fact is, the courts will usually not see these as good reasons and might not go through with it. If there is another parent waiting to adopt, then they might see it as ‘good cause’ and might be more likely to approve the termination.

However, before you move forward with these options if you believe they are right for you, you will want to consider the consequences of doing so. If a parent terminates rights, this means that they will not be financially obligated for the child anymore. They forfeit any right to make legal decisions for the child and no longer have to physically see the child anymore. Make sure you consider these consequences from every angle to ensure that they are right for your situation.

You have many options when it comes to custody and parental rights. If you have questions, you want to speak with an experienced attorney before moving forward. Let us help at the Montes Law Firm. Call us for more information today.