Termination of spousal support

California Family Code Section 4320 ensures that in a divorce, each party can maintain the standard of living they are used to while in the marriage.  If one party cannot do this on his or her own, the court will award spousal support.

Spousal support, in most cases, is temporary and is meant to come to an end.  If you believe it is time to end support, your first step should be to assess what your judgment said about you and your ex-spouse’s marital standard of living and the length of the support.

In a marriage that lasted ten years or less, a reasonable amount of time for support is considered half the marriage’s length.  In a marriage that lasted longer, California Family Code Section 4320 states, “the supported spouse should become self-supporting as soon as reasonably possible.”

If you believe spousal support should end, contact an experienced Orange County Family Law attorney who will create a support reduction or elimination strategy for you.