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How do I Initiate a Stepparent Adoption?

What happens if your child’s birthparent has not been supporting or visiting your child for an extended period of time? What if you wish for your husband or wife, the child’s stepparent, to officially adopt the child? Stepparent adoption may not be as difficult as other types of child adoption, but there are steps that… Continue reading →

Adoption for a stepparent

If a biological parent consents to a stepparent adoption and no problems arise, the process can take as little as six months from start to finish. However, if the biological parent does not give his or her consent, by law, a child may not have more than two legal parents.  The biological parent must surrender… Continue reading →

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Stepparent adoptions

Being a stepparent is an important role in the life of your spouse’s child.  The question is, “Do you have the same rights and obligations as the biological parent?” Stepparent adoptions create such a relationship.  The most challenging part of the adoption process is terminating the rights of the biological parent.  Termination can be voluntarily… Continue reading →

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Third-party custody

Child custody issues do not always pertain to divorce.  Issues sometimes come into play when a couple has a child and has never married.  Now, they are breaking up and a custody dispute arises. Today, with so many blended and extended families, someone other than the biological parent has become the child’s primary caretaker.  That… Continue reading →