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Do’s and Don’ts: False Allegations of Child Abuse

As people become educated about child abuse laws and procedures, they are more likely to report possible abuse. However, there are situations where reports of abuse are unsubstantiated, even if they are made in good faith. The perceived abuse is found to be untrue or misconstrued. Sometimes, such as in a messy divorce where custody… Continue reading →

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Child Abuse Laws and Procedures

California child abuse laws fall within the Penal Code. Child abuse is generally defined as any form of harm inflicted on a minor, including emotional abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, exploitation, and neglect. Often, child abuse charges include assault and battery charges. In addition child abuse provisions are unique in that many states require third… Continue reading →

Accused of child abuse?

If you are aware of an abusive situation involving a child, it is important for you to call Child Protective Services immediately. Besides friends and family members, there are other individuals who are mandatory reporters, such as teachers, principals, doctors or therapists.  Once a report is made, CPS will investigate the claim – sometimes the… Continue reading →

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