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Can an Adoption be Reversed After it Was Finalized?

When you hear the word ‘adoption,’ you may think that this is permanent. However, depending on the circumstances of your case, an adoption may not be so permanent after all. Usually, even after an adoption has been finalized, it can be reversed by the court – however, there are strict laws regarding how this is… Continue reading →

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Traditionally, adoptions are arranged through an adoption agency under the sponsorship of the state. The agency, after reviewing the list of prospective parents, interviewing them, inspecting their home, and conducting other inquiries, chooses the most suitable adoptive parents for the child. Many states allow a lawyer to arrange for a private adoption directly between the… Continue reading →

Who may adopt?

In California, any adult may file a petition to adopt a child.  The child must be at least ten years younger than the petitioner. Once upon a time, married couples only applied to become adoptive parents.  Today, since and divorced people also apply. California law has no specific age, social background, income level or housing… Continue reading →

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