Solving problems with divorce

Many couples think a divorce will solve all of their problems. They do not realize that a divorce is just the legal termination of their marriage. The problems may still be present.

The divorce process involves recreating your life emotionally and financially. Before you begin any legal action, sit down and make yourself a detailed list of everything you want to achieve through this divorce.

Consider your financial security, your lifetime goals and the best interests of your children. If you are sure that divorce is the answer for you, do not postpone it because of fear of uncertainty. Ask for emotional support from your family and friends. In addition, your children will need emotional support to maintain the continuity in their lives. Spend time with them and remember to always be truthful and honest with them.

If you have decided that divorce is the answer for you, contact an experienced Orange County Divorce attorney who will explain to you the law, your rights and how to reach your goals.