Should I stay in the marriage or not?

No one can make the decision of whether you should stay in your marriage or leave it, but you.

A confused person who considers the option of raising his or her child as a single person or in a home with two parents is most likely to stay.  On the other hand, if a person stays in the marriage to avoid pain or fear or the unknown, that person should and will leave. A person with a goal is more likely to leave – to move on to a brighter future.

People with goals see the opportunities that lie ahead; they take risks.  They go for what they want – and they get it.  They do not settle for less.

If you have done everything possible to improve your relationship and it hasn’t improved, you need to contact an experienced Orange County Family Law attorney to see if divorce is the right answer for you.  Letting go of an unhealthy relationship is the best decision you will ever make.  It’s time to be happy.  What are you waiting for?