Rights of the grandparents

When a marriage ends, the two spouses and children are not the only people that are impacted by the divorce. 

What about the extended family?  What about the grandparents who have developed a very close relationship with their grandchildren?  What happens when one parent is awarded primary custody and does not allow the grandparents on the other side to see the children? 

California Code Sections 3040-3080 relates to the well-being of the children in a divorce case.  It minimizes any trauma that they may experience when deciding on a custody case.  It makes the best interests of the children the first priority.

In most uncontested divorces, grandparents are given visitation rights with their grandchildren; there is no resistance from the custodial parent.  However, did you know that if you are a grandparent and you are refused visitation with your grandchildren, you can petition the court for visitation rights?  If it is in the best interests of the children to see you, you will receive visitation rights. 

The court always prefers that custody and visitation arrangements include grandparents if appropriate.  If you are a grandparent being refused visitation with your grandchild, contact an experienced Orange County Family Law attorney who will discuss your legal rights and the best interests of your grandchild with you.