losing custodyMany people do not know the different ways that a parent can lose custody in our modern times when it comes to family law. There are many reasons for losing custody and it goes much deeper than physical abuse or drug abuse by a parent. Today we want to show you some of the reasons why parents lose custody of their children every year.

Losing Custody: How it Occurs Every Year For Many Parents

Child Abuse: One of the main reasons why many people lose custody every year is due to child abuse, on a physical, emotional, or sexual level. Some parents cross the line with punishing their children and enter the realm of abuse, which puts them at risk of losing their child. This can happen due to the cycle of abuse and many other reasons.

Child Abduction: Child abduction could also cause a parent to lose their child. Of course, there are many different levels of abduction. For instance, taking a child to a different county might not be charged as harshly as taking a child to a different country. 

Child Neglect: Child neglect is another form of abuse that could deteriorate a family in many ways. Neglect occurs when a child is not fed, clothed, or groomed by the parent. It can even come down to giving them a safe living environment. If the child’s health or safety is threatened, the child could be taken from a parent. 

Domestic Violence: If there was a finding of domestic violence against a parent, the parent could technically lose custody. However, you will have to show the impact it has on your child and relationships. 

Parental Alienation: Parental alienation can become a serious matter as well. Parental alienation is a lot like neglect of a child and can take place for years before it is noticed when it suddenly wreaks havoc on a family.

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