Costly Mistakes Can Hurt Your Divorce Settlement

About 50% of all California marriages end in divorce.  Those are not very good odds for anyone.  In some cases, an individual could end up with an unfair settlement, causing him or her financial challenges that are hard to fix.

A settlement agreement consists of court orders and divorce decisions that each party must follow.  In order to avoid costly mistakes, make sure your divorce disclosure papers are complete.  Never sign any papers without your attorney reviewing them first.  Make sure you understanding all provisions and if not, have your attorney explain them to you – this is especially true of any support you are required to pay.  Make sure your agreement has details of what to do in the event of future disputes.

The Settlement Agreement tells you everything you need to know about divorce decisions and issues.  Have it notarized to make it official.  Finally, do not do this by yourself – contact an experienced Orange County Family Law attorney to make sure everything is done correctly and to avoid any serious problems in the future.

At the law Offices of Amy M Montes we know and understand the process of getting divorce to its full extent and ensure that we can guide you in the right direction with out mistakes, with you every step of the way getting you a favorable divorce settlement