Lying on Income and Expense Declaration Forms: Why is it Done and How do You Prove it?

When a couple is no longer together, all assets must be decided upon and expenses figured out. In the case of an Income and Expense Declaration Form, one of the most important documents filed in relation to child and spousal support proceedings, both parents must be completely honest within every section. However, some parties will choose to lie or cheat in order to hide expenses. They may choose to overstate debts, report lower than the actual income, or report higher depending on the circumstances. Many of these same parents believe that they will get away with their actions, but will typically not. Now you can find out more about the Form FL-150, what it entails, and why you should never lie on this important document.

More About the Income and Expense Declaration

Consider the fact that the Income and Expense Declaration serves as a sort of foundation for the court to gain a better understanding of the income and expenses involved in a husband, wife, or parent’s lives. The Court will usually use this declaration as a first impression of the parent. This means that everything written within should be trustworthy and truthful, never exaggerated or outright false. In the declaration, there are many sections involved when filing. Here you can gain a better understanding of what is involved with these forms:

  • Sections 1-4: You will find basic information such as general employment information, age, education, tax information, and the other party’s income. An attorney will help guide you if you are unsure of the other spouse’s income.
  • Sections 5-11: This serves as one of the most important pages, designed to show every type of income that is relevant in your child or spousal support cases.
  • Sections 12-12-15: This is a page dedicated to expenses, asking who in the household contributes to the household expenses as well as many other important factors.
  • Sections 16-20: This covers the amount of time spent with the children. Parenting time is one of the most important factors involved in child support under the law. This page also serves as a way for either parent to list anything they want the judge to know.

What Are the Most Common Lies About This Form?

  • Income sections will deliberately be left blank, hoping the other party and judge may not notice. Furthermore, they may even be misrepresented.
  • Verification of income such as paystubs and tax returns are not provided, or may be incomplete.
  • Expenses may be exaggerated to show less net disposable income.
  • The other parent may exaggerate to make it seem that there is more money available for support.
  • The parent may work a part-time job or work under the table and fail to list the income correctly.
  • Other sources of income that did not directly stem from salary, wages or employment may not be listed.

How To Prove the Lies to the Court 

Common Law Marriage: The BasicsIf you have declared that the other party is lying about their Income and Expense Declaration Form, you must be able to prove the information provided on the document is false so that the case does not turn into a “he said, she said.” You can even choose to conduct a discovery, which is similar to a general request for information. It will request documentation, specially drafted questions, and statements from the other party to produce facts for your case.

Regardless of what you choose to do if you believe that the other party is lying, you should always have an experienced attorney handling your case. Divorce can be stressful and complex, and a lie on an important document can make everything else so much more complicated. Find out more about what you can do today by calling the Law Offices of Amy M. Montes.