Long-distance visitation

As people relocate after a divorce, coping with long-distance visitations is becoming more and more common.  When parents live in two different locations, it makes visitations more complicated.

Visiting with your child on a regular basis may be difficult, but don’t give up, there are still ways to spend quality time with your children.

When revising your Parenting Plan:

·     School breaks and summer vacations – alternate with each parent, extend the time

·     Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving – alternate with each parent

·     Transportation methods and costs

·     Less frequent visitation, but longer time increments

Are you dealing with a parent who has moved out of the state?  Contact an experienced Orange County Family Law attorney who can assist you in resolving the legal matter you are dealing with regarding long-distance visitation – who can help you establish a workable visitation schedule, seek a modification of visitation due to relocation, or assist you in contesting the proposed schedule.