I Want To Have A Child

Are you and your husband looking to start a family but cannot have a child on your own? You are not alone. Adoption is a great option, but the process and choices available can be confusing.

Generally, an adoption can occur after one or both biological parents’ rights have been terminated by a court.

However, the most common form of adoption is step-parent adoption. In this case, the biological parent agrees to terminate his or her parental rights in order to allow their child to be adopted by the other parent’s new spouse. If all parties are in agreement, this process can run smoothly.

Whether you are trying to adopt a newborn baby, an older child who is currently under the supervision of another adult, or your spouse’s child, a family lawyer can help you through this complex and difficult process.

Contact the Orange County family law offices of Amy M. Montes because having an attorney who knows exactly how involved the adoption process can be will be important in having your adoption go smoothly and quickly. Amy’s goal is to help you achieve your family goals.