I Want To Adopt My Step-Children

Relationships between stepparent and child often develop into strong, loving relationships. Adopting this child will solidify your bond for life.

Today, with the divorce rate being so high, blended families are becoming more and more prevalent. A new spouse may ask, “Can I adopt my step child?”

Did you just marry a man with children? Is he the sole custodian of these children? Do you want to adopt them and become their legal mom?

If this is the case, you will need to have the biological mother’s parent rights terminated before the adoption process can begin. If the biological mother is willing to give up her rights in exchange for not having to provide child support any longer, you are on your way to becoming a mom. However, if the biological mother does not want to terminate her parental rights, you should turn to an experienced family law attorney for help.

If you have any questions about this process, contact a skilled Orange County family lawyer to discuss your options.

Contact The Law Offices Of Amy M. Montes California Family Law Attorneys. Amy can bring the other parent to court and prove that she has not played a significant active role in the child’s life. Many times, if the parent has not visited her child or paid child support for a reasonable amount of time, the court will forcefully terminate her parental rights.