Food Safety Tips on Halloween

Children In Halloween Costumes Trick Or TreatingTonight is Halloween night and many kids are either out trick-or-treating or relaxing at home with their families. A night of fun, however, can turn into something devastating when food allergies and choking occurs. This is why you should understand some brief Halloween food safety tips to keep you safe this fun October night.

1.) You should never allow your children to snack while you are out trick-or-treating, before you have the chance to inspect their food. Make sure that they leave the house with full stomachs to encourage them to wait and eat their candy when you arrive home.

2.) If a candy isn’t commercially wrapped, you should not allow your children to eat it. If the candy looks suspicious, then throw it away.

3.) If your child has a food allergy, make sure you check the label like you would other foods. Do not let them eat home-baked goods.

4.) Remove choking hazards like gum and peanuts if your children are very young.

5.) If you played bobbing for apples at a party, thoroughly rinse the apples under cool running water.

There are more hazards than you may think of on Halloween night. If you are hosting a Halloween party, for example, do not allow anybody to consume raw cookie dough and continue to keep perishable foods cool in the refrigerator. Stay safe and enjoy your Halloween night!