Emancipation of a minor

Parents are responsible for their children, at least until they become of age and can take care of themselves.  Parents are responsible for providing shelter, food and safety to their children. 

California law allows a child who is at least 14 to petition the court for emancipation.  The California Family Code allows a child under the age of 18 to be emancipated if he or she legally becomes married or joins the Armed Forces.  Emancipation is the legal court process that makes a minor a self-supporting individual who is responsible for his or her own welfare. 

If fraud is found to be evident, the emancipation could be void.  The minor needs to prove to the court that he or she can manage money and be self-supporting. 

If you have a child that wants to be emancipated and you do not think he or she is ready, contact an experienced Orange County Family Law attorney who will discuss the necessary steps to take.