Do you need a restraining order?

During the emotionally difficult time leading to and during the divorce process, it is not uncommon for a spouse to suffer from physical abuse or threatening behavior.  Despite the understandable stress of your situation, it is never okay for domestic violence to occur.

Are you a victim of domestic violence?  If so, you need to request a Temporary Restraining Order to keep your abuser at a distance.  A Temporary Restraining Order is an order issued by a court that specifically restrains the respondent from threatening, harassing, or harm to his or her family members.

Domestic violence situations should not be taken lightly.  Because there are numerous forms that need to be filled out, it would be wise to contact an experienced Orange County Family Lawyer for the help you need.   Your attorney will make sure you are protected from sexual assault, bodily harm, and threats.

If you have been the victim of assault, verbal abuse or threats, your rights have been violated and you have the right to take legal action to ensure your safety and the safety of your children.  Contact an experienced Orange County Family Lawyer who will stand up for your legal rights.