Divorce: What it Can do and What it Cannot do for You

If you have been thinking about divorce, there is probably good reason – and moving forward may be in your best interest. However, there are also many reasons why a divorce can turn into a complicated matter, or be far from what you expected. Yes, divorce can sometimes be unpleasant, as it involves huge, complicated issues such as the division of property and new living accommodations. With that being said, divorce can do many things for you that could change your life for the best. Now you can find out what divorce can do, and cannot do.

What Divorce Can Do 

Property Division: The division of property cannot be predicted right off the bat – you never know what you’re going to get, but it is possible. This is one of the most complicated matters in divorce because it involves many factors. If property was acquired before the marriage or given to a spouse through inheritance, for example, it could be excluded – these are things that the court knows and understands. Because it can turn into a complicated mess, it helps to speak to your attorney and negotiate on these matters.

Support: Divorce can determine support obligations. Child support and alimony depend on many things. Child support is dictated by state law and alimony depends on the circumstances regarding the couple’s marriage.

Child Custody Matters: The court keeps the “best interests of the child” in mind when they are making these decisions. A judge will be influenced by what both parents say when attempting to set the best child custody and visitation schedules. Like many subjects, negotiation is again the key to arriving at the best decisions.

What Divorce Cannot Do

Guarantee Equal Division: There is no equal division in child custody and property division matters. A judge has to make the best decision possible based on what they see and hear. There may be no completely satisfactory agreement in your eyes, but you can get as close as possible with our help.

Ensure Parents Stay Civil: A court cannot tell you how civil the other parent will be with you when you drop your child off with them or speak about other issues over the phone. Divorce impacts many things, but the other parent will always be your child’s parent.

Maintain Standard of Living: Divorce court cannot increase your salary to help you maintain an income without working after divorce. Unfortunately, you will have to change your standard of living to fit the divorce and move forward to better things. 

Help With Emotional Issues: The court cannot punish your ex-spouse for the wrongdoings that occurred in your marriage. Divorce will not heal your emotional wounds – that part is up to you.

Because divorce can sometimes be messy and complicated, it is important to have an understanding attorney on your side who can help you through these matters. Call us today for more information on how we can guide you in the right direction and help you make informed decisions in the divorce process. We are waiting to hear from you.