Divorce and the husband

In California seven out of ten divorces are initiated by the woman.  In most cases, if children are involved, the woman stays in the home – using all the furnishings and property that’s in it.  The man gets to find another place to live and begin his next steps – a custody battle that includes visitation with his children.

Divorce can change people – people who once loved each other – people who promised to be together forever.  The marriage is now treated like a business deal that failed.  Statistics show that many men are prone to making poor decisions after the divorce, especially if he finds himself along and suffering because he didn’t know his marriage was over.

Divorce, for the most part, is not good for either party.  If you are the husband and you’re in a relationship that suddenly ends, contact a skilled Orange County Family Law attorney who will advise you of your rights as a husband and a father and will fight for you and your children.