Divorce and college expenses

With today’s economy, more and more parents are asking if they are responsible for paying for their child’s college expenses.  They want to know if college expenses are part of child support.

It is important for any child to get a college education and courts recognize that need.  However, many non-custodial parents are not willing to pay additional costs for college, making college expenses a major concern when negotiating a divorce settlement.

It would be difficult to enforce college support agreements in Family court since the costs are hard to anticipate.  Expenses include tuition, room and board, cell phones, clothing, a computer, food, transportation and day-to-day living.

California does not have a law that holds the parent responsible for their child’s college education.  If your child is heading for college and you are not sure who should pay for the expenses or you have an ongoing dispute with your former spouse, contact an experienced Orange County Family Law attorney who will explain the impact college education costs can have on your future financial situation.