Division of debts

A divorce is one of the most difficult processes that an individual can go through and it is made exponentially harder if the couple in question has children. Even if the couple has agreed to a mutual split, the effects of the divorce can have a negative impact on the entire family for years to come.

California law requires most couples to divide the debts incurred at the end of the marriage.  Once the property is divided, the responsibility of paying off debts will be allocated to each spouse.  Both parties are required to pay the debts if jointly incurred.  Even if the court assigns one spouse responsibility for a debt, creditors oftentimes contact the other spouse when the debt is not paid.

It is wise to close joint credit card accounts as soon as divorce proceedings begin.  If there is a balance in the account, you should notify the credit card company that you do not want to be responsible for any additional charges put on this account.

If you are having problems paying off your marital debts or your spouse is not paying his or her share, contact an experienced Orange County Family Law attorney who will provide you with the personal attention you deserve by taking the time to listen to your situation, assessing your rights and obligations and then providing you with your legal options to proceed.