Does Child Support End if I Have my Child for a Period of Time?

With summer vacation comes many questions regarding your children, especially if this is your special time with them. Because of the extended time that your children may be spending with you, you may have an important question that has been on your mind: Can I get a suspension of child support when my child is with me? Today we will examine the answer to this question as well as the situations that call for an end to child support.

Summer Vacations and Child Support

Child support is usually not something that changes from month to month unless there are exceeding circumstances. Because of this, you may not see a suspension of child support from one month to the next, even though you have your children for their vacation. Many orders come standardized and require you to pay the same amount each month. Standardized payments typically work for everybody because it means the obligor does not have to pay support in one lump sum payment a year, but instead over time.

If you believe that you should have child support payments suspended over vacation because you have custody of the children most of the time, then the best thing to do is speak to your ex-spouse. This is the best way to come to an agreement that you and your ex-spouse can live with. If you and your ex-spouse decide to work out a suspension agreement, you should make sure that the language includes a way to put it into the final support decree or modification. If it does not get included in the decree, you could be in for a surprise down the road when you are invited to an enforcement hearing.

Modifying Child Support

Under some circumstances, you could modify your child support order in court. This could happen due to job loss by the paying ex-spouse, injury, or a change in marital status. Whenever a change in income comes into play, it is important to speak to the court as soon as possible so that you can report these circumstances and modify immediately. Child support does not end even if your job does, so call us today for information on your child support and answers to some of your burning questions. We will help you understand.