When Child Neglect Becomes a Part of Your Child Custody Case

Child neglect is a very serious form of abuse that presents itself in the lives of many children in the United States. Unfortunately, if you find yourself in the midst of a custody case, you may feel as if you must protect your child from child neglect. Perhaps one parent is neglecting a child, which could lead to physical, emotional, psychological, or educational harm. 78.3% of child maltreatment victims suffered from neglect, so this very serious offense against children is more common than you may think.

Forms of Child Neglect 

Physical: This is the most common form of neglect, which involves failure of a caregiver to provide the basic needs of a child. This means they could be lacking food, shelter, clothing, or sanitary living conditions. 

Educational: This occurs when the caregiver does not enroll the child in school or just doesn’t allow them to receive an education.

Psychological: This can include humiliation, insult, failure to provide care, or not giving a child affection. In the worst cases, a parent may isolate their child. 

Medical: This is when a parent does not provide needed medical care. Unfortunately sometimes, a parent will delay or deny medical care for their child, even when it is necessary.

California’s Take on the Law  

In California, statute defines abuse by inflicting physical abuse, neglect, sexual abuse, or sexual exploitation of a child under the age of 18. Neglect is extremely serious, which is why if you believe it is happening to your child by another parent, you should report it at all costs to get a start on your case. Reporting neglect is one of the most critical ways to help a child escape a negative situation, whether it begins with calling the police or speaking to your lawyer to get an opinion. Call us today for more information.