When You Believe a Biased Judge is Acting Wrongfully in Your Case

biased judgeWhen it comes to divorce cases, there will be a lot of back and forth he-said, she-said. This means that you could run into a biased judge who already thinks they understand the best outcome for your case from the very beginning, which means that you could fear not being listened to. The legal system is sometimes stacked against parents from the very beginning, so there are some things that must be done when you believe you have a biased judge and you’re unsure of how to move forward.

Working Past a Biased Judge

If your ex-spouse is spreading lies about you in the courtroom, there is a good chance that you will be able to prove that and they might lose credibility with the judge. You should always document everything so that you can prove it – from how much you pay and how much time you spend with your children, to proof of relationships you have with teachers and evidence that you spend time with your children at extracurricular events. If you go out of your way as a parent, as many parents do, you want to be able to show this to protect your rights and show your relationship with your children.

You don’t want to run off of emotion when it comes to your case. Instead, you want to be logical about it and show facts because this will help you with your case. If you have concerns about the judge in your case, you can sometimes speak with your attorney about options if you believe that you have a biased judge who is not listening to you and your needs as a parent. Sometimes, it can become as drastic as receiving a new judge in your case if the bias can be proven.

You might be able to move forward with a motion to get another opinion that will be helpful in your case. Call us as soon as possible to find out how we can help when it comes to your case. We want to help you at the Montes Law Firm because we care.