Attorney for Enforcing my Child’s Special Education Rights

Boy in museumWhen you are a parent, you understand what it means to do everything for your children. In some cases, a child in special education classes may have been denied rights that play an important role in their life and you may wonder where to turn. Fortunately, attorneys can be helpful in these matters because they understand the laws regarding special education rights and how to handle them.

Filing a Complaint, Then a Lawsuit 

Before a lawsuit even comes into play, you will have to file a complaint with the school district over the matters involved in your case. School districts handle these issues accordingly and may have different procedures in regards to how they will process the complaint. Lawsuits commonly arise from these cases every year when a student has a disability and their rights have been impeded upon. Your child has many rights, such as the right to be tested to see if they qualify for special education or accommodations. If you feel like your child’s rights have been violated in some way, then you can sue for damages.

What You May Need 

Preparing for the hearing will involve speaking intensely to your attorney and obtaining information to show the court. You want evidence of written correspondence that you had with the school, teachers, and more. You may even need specific documents, like tests or placement scores. You should also have conversations with those who could be considered “expert witnesses” in your case, such as your child’s doctor, who will testify on why they believe your child should be part of a program.

There is a statute of limitations of 2 years on special education cases, which is why you should speak to us as soon as possible. We can help you from start to finish in your case and get your child the rights they deserve. Call us today for more information.