Is There Any Way That I Can Appeal a Custody Decision?

Instructions for Testifying at Your Deposition or Divorce TrialChild custody is an important issue to you and your family because you want what is best for your child in all circumstances. When you go to court and don’t receive the results you wanted, you may think that modification is the only option you have – however, such a thing exists as an appeal. In your situation, you may find that an agreement between parents is the best route to take in a child custody decision, but this is not possible in every case. An appeal will be used in situations where you believe that the judge has made an error in your case. The time to appeal varies from state to state, ranging anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. You must understand the difference between appeals and modifications, and what works best given your circumstances.

Appeals and Modifications 

Believe it or not, filing for a modification is usually an easier process. Modification usually happens after circumstances have changed. If a parent did not have a bedroom for a child or they were taking steps to go to rehab due to the perils of addiction, a modification may be necessary so the courts can revisit some of these key issues and modify the parent’s orders. Modifications can be filed at any time – however, appeals can only be filed within a limited time period.

You should only go forth with an appeal when you have the help of an experienced family law attorney on your side. They will help you understand what options are best for you, from a modification, to an appeal, to something known as a motion for reconsideration. In some states, you can file one of these motions for a judge to review their judgment and take facts into consideration that they did not before. You probably already know what is best for your case, so call us today for more help. Your custody matters are important to us.