An absentee father

What do you tell your child when he or she asks where their daddy is?  How do you handle it when their daddy does not want to be part of his or her life?

It is okay to tell the truth but don’t go overboard – don’t bad-mouth him.  Don’t try to turn your child against his or her dad.  There are no good reasons for a man not to want to be a parent so maybe you could explain that he just wasn’t ready to be a father or he lives too far.  Whatever you say, remain positive for your child’s sake.  Make sure your child knows he or she is not responsible for their father’s actions.

You cannot change the situation, but you can assure your child of the love you have for him or her and that you will always play a major role in his or her life.  Enforce your love for your child over and over again.

If you have questions regarding your ex-spouses role in your child’s life or you need to find him because he is not sending his child support, contact an experienced Orange County Family Law attorney who will be able to answer your questions for you.