Alimony and years of marriage

Divorce can affect a couple both emotionally and financially.  Alimony is provided to the financially disadvantaged partner so he or she can maintain the same standard of living experienced during the marriage.

When a marriage lasted less than five years and there are no children or assets to consider, couples may obtain a summary dissolution.  When this happens, spousal support is not a consideration.

One partner can request temporary support during the divorce process.  California Family Code, Section 4320 determines the amount of spousal support.  California law uses several factors in determining support:

·     The length of the marriage

·     Health of each partner

·     Age of each partner

·     Income, assets and debts of each partner

·     Unemployment periods

·     Did one spouse support the other while going to school?

Alimony terminates according to a court order.  If you are going through a divorce and have questions regarding whether or not you will receive alimony or spousal support, contact an experienced Orange County Family Law attorney who will advise you of your legal options.