Are you looking to adopt a child to help fulfill your dreams of parenting?

Adoption is the legal process of taking a child into your family by choice, and raising him or her as your own. Adopting a child can be one of the most rewarding experiences in your life. Opening your home to a child who needs one is a big change.

There are several types of adoptions, which include:

  • Open – birth mother gets information about the adoptive parents and may even meet them
  • Closed – the parties do not even know each other’s names
  • Foster care – a child placed into a foster home can be ultimately adopted by the foster parents
  • Stepparent – when one party has a child from a former marriage and the other party wants to legally formalize his or her relationship with the child
  • Third-party – facilitated through an agency or other source
  • Relative – a grandparent, aunt or uncle chooses to adopt a child related to him or her upon the death of the child’s parent or parents

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