Adopting a step child

Many marriages come with a child from another parent – maybe the parent wants nothing to do with the child or he or she may be deceased.  If the parent is alive, he or she needs to consent to the adoption first.  In any event, you love that child and you want to make him or her your own.  You want to adopt that child.

The procedure is basically like any other adoption procedure; however, the waiting period may be dispensed with.  Certified documents you need include:

·     Copy of the long form birth certificate of the child

·     Copy of your birth certificate

·     Any other adoption orders that may have been filed

·     Death certificate if natural parent is deceased

These are just a few of the certified documents that are required to begin the adoption process.  It would be best to contact an Orange County Family Law attorney who is skilled in the adoption process and will guide you through the steps to make your partner’s child part of your life.