Accountability for child support payments

Those that pay child support often complain that they are paying too much.  Those that receive the child support complain they get too little.

Those that pay (the payer) want to know exactly how their money is being spent – what does it go towards?  Those that receive (the payee) state that the money pays for everything.  The formula used to determine the amount of child support is taken from Consumer Spending Surveys.  Figured into the calculations are not just the needs of the family, but the wants of the family.  It is unfortunate, but many families spend far more than they can really afford.

California law does not require the parent receiving the child support to account for how the money is being spent.  Child support is ordered on the notion that children are entitled to the same lifestyle after the divorce as they had before the divorce.

If you have questions regarding paying too much child support or not receiving enough, contact an experienced Orange County Family Law attorney who can discuss your options with you.  You may be able to file for a modification of the amount you pay or receive.