A woman’s rights during separation

Are you a woman who is separated from her spouse?  Have you or your spouse filed for divorce yet?

As a woman heading toward a divorce, there are certain things you should know.   If you choose to have a formal separation, you must go to court and ask for certain orders to protect your rights.  If you decide on an informal separation, it does not involve the court; there are no legal orders to protect your rights.  A woman is best to file for a legal separation to protect her rights and interests.

With a legal separation, you have the right to an equitable share of the assets from the marriage.  Most importantly, you can vie for primary custody of your children.

If you and your husband are separated and you have questions regarding the best road to take for you and your children, contact an experienced Orange County Family Law attorney who will be able to answer all of your questions, advise you or your legal options, and put your mind at ease so you can get on with your life.