Temporary Alimony: Considerations and How Long it Lasts

Sometimes, alimony is permanent, especially in cases where one spouse is dealing with physical problems and can’t go back to work. However, temporary alimony is a bit different, and is received while litigation is pending. While the divorce is being finalized, the spouse receiving alimony is provided continued support by the dependent spouse. The court determines how much temporary alimony is permitted. We will tell you all the details of this type of alimony and how it applies to your case.

Requests and Considerations 

Usually, an attorney will have to work with you to file an application for temporary alimony. This takes the form of a petition or motion to the court while the divorce is pending. You must be able to show proof of marital relation to your spouse, financial need for alimony, and financial ability of the other spouse.

There is really no fixed rule the court uses to determine how much alimony is being requested or approved. The court will look at several factors such as the reasonable needs of the spouse, consideration of standard of living, duration of the marriage, and the ability of you to take care of yourself without the help of your spouse. The award takes living expenses into account like the costs for food, clothing, shelter, transportation, and even medical care.

Length of Temporary Alimony 

If temporary alimony is approved in your case, you may wonder how long it lasts. It typically lasts until the final divorce decree is issued of the divorce gets set aside. If there is a final decree and the court finds a need for further alimony, they may place permanent alimony in your case. If there are back payments on the temporary alimony, some courts will order payments to be made. Either way, in these cases, it helps to have a divorce attorney on your side who understands your needs. Call us today to find out more.