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Protecting Your Business Assets When Going Through a Divorce

Divorce is not always an easy thing, and this is especially true if you maintain a business with your ex-spouse. You want to do whatever it takes to protect your business assets when you are going through a difficult time that can be financially taxing on you and your spouse. What are some ways that… Continue reading →

Dividing Property When You Are Going Through a Divorce

One of the most important aspects during the divorce process is definitely dividing property. There might be many aspects that are of huge importance to you and you might have questions about how the process works. Today we will take a closer look at property and debt division and how it affects you. The Different… Continue reading →

Asset Division in Divorce: How Does the Process Work?

You know how difficult divorce sounds when you have many assets that you care for. You also know that it will probably be a time-consuming process to lay everything out that means something to you from rental property and retirement, to pension plans and stocks. Many people believe that they only have to worry about… Continue reading →

Is Divorce Always Financially Fair to Both Spouses?

When you are going through a divorce and trying to decide who gets what, this is where some of the biggest issues come into play. Dividing assets is a complicated process that goes smoothly when you and your ex-spouse can work together. Judges will urge you to work together because, until a final order is… Continue reading →

Protecting Gift Assets When You Are Going Through a Divorce

Let’s say that you have a grandparent that you are particularly close to, and they leave you a gift through inheritance that means the world to you. Flash forward a few years and you’ve got a marriage and an upcoming divorce that you believe may get kind of ugly. Because of this, you wonder if… Continue reading →

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Preliminary Financial Disclosures

Preliminary financial disclosure is a mandatory part of getting a divorce. It is important that, when disclosing your debts and assets, you are as honest and transparent as possible. If you or your spouse are found to have purposely omitted any pertinent information, the consequences will affect both parties. When accounting for all your assets,… Continue reading →

Asset & Debt Division In Divorce

Divorce can be a long and difficult process. One of the most contentious issues in most divorces is the question of how to divide up the shared assets. After all, the resolution of this aspect of your divorce will determine how easily you are able to move forward with your life. California is a community… Continue reading →

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Dividing property during a divorce

During the divorce process the couple must divide the property they acquired during the marriage.  Oftentimes it is a simple process, but there are times when it is not. California is known as a community property state and is divided equally.  Any property that was obtained before the marriage is considered separate property and is… Continue reading →

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Inheritance and divorce

You and your spouse have decided to divorce.  You know California is a community property state.  What is to become with the inheritance you received from your dad? Don’t be alarmed; an inheritance received during your marriage is considered separate property.  However, there are times when it can be considered marital property.  One example is… Continue reading →

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