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Juvenile law

The juvenile system emphasizes rehabilitation for juveniles – children under the age of 18.  The juvenile system holds children accountable.  It can either positively or negatively affect your child’s future. Juvenile court encompasses many cases, including: ·     At-risk youths ·     Truancy from school ·     Dependency ·     Juvenile crimes Juvenile court offers a greater range of… Continue reading →

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Juvenile crimes

When children make mistakes it can seriously impact their options in the future. Most juvenile cases are handled in the Family Court system, not in the criminal court.  The court focuses on guiding the child to a better future.  Crimes that children participate in include: Drug possession Graffiti Vandalism Assault Robbery Burglary Criminal mischief An… Continue reading →

Juvenile court

The juvenile court is a division of the superior court.  It handles delinquency, status offense, and child abuse and neglect cases for minors.  Its purpose is to provide protection and safety to each minor that comes into it. Juvenile court handles cases that involve children who have committed law violations that would be considered crimes… Continue reading →

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Juvenile Dependency

A child can be removed from his or her home when allegations of abuse, neglect or abandonment has been made.  Child protective services will investigate the allegations as quickly as possible. Juvenile courts steps in and protects the child from his or her parents or whoever is hurting them – they have the best interest… Continue reading →

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