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Father’s in Legal Terms

Each state is different in what they consider to be a father in legal terms. Most states follow the following definitions of what a father is by legal standards: Biological Father—The man that genetically fathered the child. He doesn’t have to have a relationship with the child and sometimes isn’t considered to be the legal… Continue reading →

What Are The Father’s Rights Regarding Abortion?

Essentially, because of the fact that the mother of the child is affected much more deeply by a pregnancy than the father is, she has the right to have an abortion or decide to keep the baby without the consent of the father. This has been an issue in the courts before because in certain… Continue reading →

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Your rights as a dad

Are you an unmarried father looking for visitation with your child?  Or, are you an unmarried mother who wants child support? The first step is to establish a legal father-child relationship.  This step is necessary to establish custody and visitation rights when the parents are not married to each other.  Paternity is established through DNA… Continue reading →

Divorce & father’s rights

Divorce is never a pleasant experience, especially when children are involved.  A father facing divorce has equal rights when it comes to divorce and his child.  A father’s role in the development of a child is vital.  It is important to keep his child in his life always.  Just because your relationship with your wife… Continue reading →

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