When Your Spouse Suggests Mediation for Custody Matters

family law mediationWhat happens if your ex-spouse comes to you and suggests that you take care of your custody matters in a new way? Perhaps they suggested the process of mediation for all your custody matters because they believe that, if you two sit down, you can come to an agreement on all the important aspects. However, maybe you want to do whatever it takes to avoid custody court even though you aren’t sure about the mediation process.

To begin, it starts to have a clear idea of what mediation is and how it can help you with your custody matters, before you push the idea away completely. During mediation, you will sit down and resolve some of your most vital disputes with the help of a mediator. Family law mediators are trained to work through some child custody arrangements as well as how much visitation both parents have with the child. If you are willing to work together with your spouse to come to the best conclusion, the mediation process can help.

Responding to Mediation

If you have made a decision about whether or not to try mediation, you should always respond in writing. Your attorney can help you draft a letter in response. This way, if you decide not to go through with mediation or it doesn’t work for either of you, you will be seen as cooperative in the eyes of the court, because you took the time to talk to them about your concerns.

If you refuse mediation or decide that it is not for you, you should be prepared to answer in court on why you believe that mediation is not for you. Perhaps there was abuse and manipulation in your case. Perhaps you have been estranged from your ex from some time. No matter why you refused, now your custody matters will be in the hands of the court, so be prepared to make your case in a traditional way.

Mediation may be right for you if you and your spouse have laid out your issues and determined an agreement ahead of time. If you have a set plan of action for custody, then mediation should solve these matters. No matter what you decide, call us as soon as possible to get started on your case. We have experience in mediation and custody court, and can walk you through both.