The Smartest Ways to Divide Household Items in Divorce

You thought that dividing property would be easy. You’ve already considered what will happen to the house, and you know that gifts belong to either of you, based on who they were given to. But when you’re going through divorce and you take the time to look around your house, you see that there is still a lot left to go. There are many household items, too, such as furniture and appliances. When you add it all up, there’s a lot left to do – and you may not be sure what the best method is for you.

Ways to Divide Household Items 

divide household itemsMake a List: There may be many items in your household that aren’t personal to you on any level. You don’t have to make a list of every single in your house, working all the way down to who will get forks and who will get bowls. You might want to write a list that goes along the lines of “kitchen appliances” and “gardening tools” for a more streamlined approach. 

Prioritize: You can prioritize by looking at all the items and making 4 categories – yours, theirs, both, and what items you don’t want. The items that belong to you and the ones you know belong to your spouse will usually be the easiest because they are set in stone and probably won’t give you much hassle. 

Disputed Items: You will have to compromise on some level when it comes to items that you are having trouble dividing. If your spouse wants the asset because it is worth a lot, maybe you can compromise and give them other assets to make up for the value if this one specifically means a lot to you. You may even want to involve an appraiser for some of these aspects. 

Unwanted Items: If you have any unwanted items, don’t be afraid to dispose of them amongst yourselves, like donating and trashing them.

As you can see, it is not as difficult as you think to try and find compromise over some items. Other items might give you difficulty and become the matter of a dispute. For the more difficult and trying times, turn to an attorney you trust. Call us today for more information.