What Are Some Reasons Why my Annulment Was Denied?

When you file for an annulment, you may hope that things go smoothly so that it makes the process of separation that much easier. However, sometimes annulments are denied, leaving you with little in the way of options. If your annulment is denied, you will have to go through the divorce process if you no longer want your marriage to be void. There are many reasons why your annulment may be denied.

Reasons for Annulment Denial 

You may not have grounds for an annulment, which could lead to a denial. In some cases, grounds may include aspects like bigamy, the fact that your partner was already married, coercion, forced marriage, and fraud if you were tricked into marriage. If a child gets married, this is against the law and can lead to an annulment. If you were under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you may receive a denial. If you can’t meet these requirements, then your marriage is valid and you will have to receive a divorce.

However, divorce is not always easy and may not be a valid choice for you. You may receive financial implications due to the fact that you may run into issues with property distribution, paying alimony, and more. With an annulment, you will not run into these issues because everything is restored to how it was before the marriage. Some people are not sure which option to choose because both processes take a certain amount of time to complete.

You may run into a difficult legal process if your annulment was denied. Your spouse may argue against your case and you may have no other choice but to receive a no-fault divorce. Because of this, you must turn to an attorney who can help you in regards to your divorce case when times become trying. Call us today for help at The Law Offices of Amy M. Montes. We will be there for you in your time of need.