Can You Reach a Divorce Settlement That is Fair to Everyone?

Not everybody will like what their spouse is offering in divorce. You’re sitting in a room together negotiating settlement with both attorneys present and he’s asking for half the time with the children, half the assets, the family house you shared together… it’s all a lot, which is where we come in to help you reach the best divorce settlement possible. Sometimes, negotiations are key and can help you get the best results you were hoping for, without being unfair to your spouse on the other side.

Tips for the Best Settlement

Focusing on Interests: You don’t want to bargain based on positions, but instead interests of both sides. This means you don’t want to immediately draw a line in the sand and refuse to move from that position – instead, you must focus on the interests and reasons why you are negotiating certain matters. Your spouse may say, “I want this and I’m not moving” but, if you both move a little and act reasonably, you can decide on something that may work for both of you. 

Avoiding Relationship Destruction: It is known that, if you preserve a strong relationship with the other side, then you will usually get the best result. This is the person you are splitting important assets with, and probably sharing parenting time with in the future. How will this work if you can’t get along and communicate? Open communication is always best. 

Controlling Emotions: Don’t let anybody see your emotional side, so keep your emotions in check throughout the divorce process to receive the settlement that is fair to you. 

Being Transparent: Being transparent can mean working to help the other side. If the other side requests financial documents, make sure everything is in check and kindly ask them if there is anything else you can do. If you go with the flow, it could help you rather than fighting back and making the situation unfair or difficult.

Communicating Negotiation: When you are going through negotiations, communication will help you. This does not mean having your attorney make decisions for you in every aspect – sometimes, it means sitting down with your spouse and communicating what you believe is both for best. You want them to gain your trust and speak to them like an adult. 

Being Fair to Both Sides: One side should not always come up short, it should be a win-win for both. Look at the emotional impact of the decisions made during settlement and what will make life easier for both.

As you can see, negotiations and settlement can be a difficult time for everyone involved. You and your spouse can work together to make this process easier. Talk to us today about how we can play a role in your divorce and help you in times of need.