Parent Signing Over Parental Rights to Evade Child Support

Can the father of your child sign over their parental rights to evade child support? Today we examine this and many other issues that deal with parental rights and termination through an FAQ that will answer all of your burning questions.

Parental Rights and Termination FAQ

Can termination of parental rights be voluntary or involuntary? Yes, you can see situations of both. Usually, involuntary termination occurs when one parent is unfit or has joined in on some type of misconduct. Voluntary termination, on the other hand, occurs when one parent wants to give up their rights. In these cases, the courts will look at the reasons behind the termination.

What requirements must be met for voluntary termination to occur? The court will approve this request, permitted there is “good cause” for it. If there is somebody waiting to adopt the child, the courts may see this as a good move forward and one that will benefit the child. It is less likely that the courts will grant a termination just because a parent wants to get out of paying child support.

If the parent terminates their rights, will they have a financial obligation? All of their rights and responsibilities will be terminated, which means that the ex-parent no longer needs to provide support to the child. It also means that they will not be able to make any more decisions for the child such as their education, religion, and more.

Does the court ever consider the wishes of the child? If a child is of age, sometimes the courts may want to hear their opinion on the matter. They also consider the best interests of the child and what is best for their well-being, such as safety and basic needs.

What if I don’t want to terminate my rights but I feel that my support is unfair? This is something to think about in-depth because, once your rights have been terminated, it is impossible to turn back. If child support payments are the driving force in your decision, you should first try to modify your support payments.

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