Facebook Is To Blame In This Divorce and Not Because of Infidelity

A woman is divorcing her husband because he neglected to change his relationship status to married on Facebook, the Deccan Chronicle.

Her husband reportedly told the court that updating his status had simply slipped his mind, as the pair wed only two months ago. His wife pressed on with the divorce because she “couldn’t trust him”, high court advocate told the paper. The judge reportedly told the newlyweds to undergo six months of counseling.

It’s not unheard of for Facebook to causing problems in a relationship, but usually when the spouse uses the site to reconnect with an old flame, or has a fling with someone over the internet. According to the Huffington Post, eighty-one percent of lawyers surveyed by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers in 2010 said they’d seen an overwhelming increase in the number of divorce cases that used social networking sites like Facebook as evidence.