Everything You Need to Know About Paternity Testing

At The Law Offices of Amy M. Montes, we represent both men and women who are bringing forth paternity actions with California courts and wish to stand by your side during this time. However, there are some things you may not know in-depth in regards to paternity, which we will help you understand before you move forward in your case. Learn more from this helpful FAQ on paternity testing.

Paternity Testing FAQ 

What is paternity testing? Paternity tests use blood or DNA to determine paternity, or the relationship between a father and child. They can be used in a variety of cases, but most commonly for child custody and support hearings. A man will always be presumed as the child’s father if the parents were married when the child is born; however, paternity may be uncertain in some cases where the parents are not married and this is where the tests come into play. 

What if the father refuses to take a paternity test but you need to know? Civil lawsuits will sometimes stem from these cases. Once the test has been established, the judge will decide what happens next. Legal consequences can result when a father refuses to take the test, including an automatic child support judgment. 

If I am the potential father, can I request a test? If you are alleging that you could be the father of a child, you have a right to request the paternity test.

Can I contest the results of the test? These tests are determined to be 99% accurate. However, if you believe that there have been tainted results, you have proof of sterility, or the lab results were tampered with, the results can be contested.

Will an attorney be able to help me with my case? Yes, you may wish to speak to an attorney for advice with your paternity case. We have the experience to dictate whether it is necessary to request in your case and how we can help you. Call us for more information.