Elements You May Not Have Known Regarding Relocation

When you get married, you may expect a happy life together for all time, never having to worry about your loved ones being in separate places. However, sometimes marriage doesn’t work out how we expect and a divorce could lead to the emergence of relocation issues. There are some things you may expect and things you may not have actually known about child relocation, which we will go over today. These realizations may help you in the event of your decision and whether or not it’s a good idea for you and your family.

What to Expect When Relocating 

Emotional Aspects: A child will be impacted by the decision to relocate, which is something that parents tend to overlook, unfortunately. Because each state looks at these laws very differently, you should consult an attorney who is able to help you look at the laws and what works for you.

Well-Being Considerations: Yes, you may think relocation is in your best interest because it puts you closer to the job of your dreams. But is it in the best interest of your child? The court takes the well-being of the child over everything. If your child is accustomed to the area and will be leaving their family, it may not be in their best interests. 

Proving Minimal Impact: You will have to prove to the court, therefore, that the child will only be minimally impacted by the move. This means showing the court that the child has an increased quality of life because of the move, or that being away from the non-custodial parent will actually benefit them.

Lose-Lose Situations: Sometimes, the emotions in these cases can override all and you may decide that it isn’t in your interests after all. Be prepared to not get the best results in every situation that involves relocation.

If you have relocation matters to discuss, talk to us today and let us handle them for you. We have handled a variety of cases with relocation in the mix and can help you get the results that work for you and your family.