Are You Ever Able to Drop Charges of Domestic Violence?

If you were the victim in a domestic violence case, you may be confused and scared about many of the matters you are dealing with in your daily life – especially if your abuser is also your spouse. In some situations, your spouse may have been reported to the police even if you didn’t want them to be – such as in cases where your boss notices bruises and calls the police to investigate. If you have been battered by your spouse, perhaps you thought about dropping charges. However, once a charge has been issued, there is no way to drop the charges. Domestic violence is charged by the police as a crime and there is no taking that back.

A Victim’s Role in a Case of Domestic Violence 

When your case moves forward, there are several things that you will come to understand. For instance, you may be required to testify in court against your abuser. However, in California, if you choose not to testify, you can do so. Of course, if you choose to do this, you could be charged with a fine. You have the chance to take many courses of action, such as bringing a civil suit and suing your abuser for money to pay for injuries, wage losses, psychological injuries, and more. You can also choose whether or not to receive a restraining order to keep your spouse away during this difficult time.

What Happens if You Recant Your Statement

In some cases, you may even choose to recant your statement. In fact, a large percentage of domestic violence victims do recant, somewhere within the 80-90% range. Unless you actually lied to the authorities, it is usually not a good idea to recant your statement to the police because you may then be faced with criminal charges. As you can see, there are many high emotions during a domestic violence case. Call us today for more information if you need our help through the process.