Divorce Myths You May Have Heard Of: Are They True?

 Every divorce is different, which means everyone experiences different outcomes.  If you are entering into the divorce process, you may have heard rumors from others close to you or on the Internet regarding divorce. Today we want to take a closer look at some of the myths of divorce to shed some light on the truth.

Divorce Myths

Your divorce case will always end up in court. This one is an obvious myth if you have been looking into other divorce options. We manage mediation cases and can tell you from the honesty of our heart that some aspects can be agreed upon. Your case will not always end up in front of a judge.

If I don’t want a divorce, I can deny it, and it will never happen. In a divorce case, you are asking the judge to grant your divorce. The judge will not deny your request. Once every financial aspect as well as any decision involving the children is made, a divorce will be granted.

Mothers will always gain custody of the children. Many husbands believe that the mother will get all the time with their child and they will only be left with weekend time. However, custody is decided based on a variety of factors and every situation is different. The amount of time that a mother and father get with a child is entirely up for negotiation. It also depends on the best interest of the child and their routine.

Your child gets to make the decision on where they’ll live. When a judge helps you determine custody of a child, the child may get a chance to tell the judge their preference. However, they are not required to follow the child’s choice and may choose to split the time between parents.

My husband or wife chose to move up, so they have given up all rights to the house. It is actually an asset that will be taken into account. It will end up being considered in any settlement between both of you.

Perhaps you have heard one of these myths before. When you are going through divorce, you may find it to be a complicated process, but you have options. We can help you through every aspect of your divorce. Call us for more information.