Common marriage mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes; it’s only natural.  Here are some common marriage mistakes that should be avoided in order to keep peace in your relationship.

·     Listen to your spouse – give him or her 100% of your attention

·     Respect – everyone deserves it; don’t bad mouth your spouse to anyone

·     Being right – admit it when you make a mistake; having the last word isn’t important

·     Do what you say – actions speak louder than words

·     Teasing – not everyone likes to be teased; if both people are not laughing, it isn’t funny

·     Dishonesty – having lies and secrets creates distance and lack of trust between two people;

      it’s not healthy

·     Having a temper – angry outbursts does not make you a winner; it makes you a loser

·     Lack of sexual intimacy – tell your spouse when you are not interested in sex

If one or more of these mistakes is hurting your relationship and you have decided divorce is the only way to make it better, contact an experienced Orange County Family Law attorney who will protect your rights and set you on the path to a brighter future.