How Does Collaborative Divorce Work? What Should I Expect?

Man and woman sits at a desk with hands clasped.There are many different types of divorce, with one of the most popular and growing being collaborative divorce. Collaborative divorce is a way for spouses to handle their problems without taking things into a stressful courtroom setting. This leads to a better chance of more peaceful negotiations to settle divorce matters. There are many benefits to the divorce process, such as saving money, the power of an informal setting, free information exchange, saving time, and negotiation of a result that works for you.

The process can sometimes be a bit complicated, but we will simplify it for you. You and your spouse will hire separate attorneys to represent you based on how much they understand about the negotiation process. You and your attorney will eventually meet with your spouse and his or her attorney to go over some of the most important issues in your divorce. A mediator may be brought into the picture at some point if you are having difficulties reaching agreements but want to move forward with the process. You will also sign a “no court” agreement that says that, if you decide to go to court on matters, collaborative divorce ends.

Are You the Right Candidate?

You may wonder if you and your spouse are good candidates for collaborative divorce. If you and your spouse want to handle things as peacefully as possible, you may be the right candidates. This may be the best course of action for spouses who agree on many of the same things such as a visitation schedule, making decisions for the children, and so much more. Collaborative divorce may not be for you if you feel like you have to “win” something against your spouse. Call us today for more information to find out if this process is the best option for you.