Why Child Custody Mediation May be the Right Step for You

Let’s end the stigma that mediation is just for divorce in general. Many people believe that the mediation process is only for things like assets, property, and more, and the conflict that stands between you and your divorcing spouse. However, it is much more than that. It can deal widely with much more personal issues like child support and child custody. But when do you know if child custody mediation is right for you based on the circumstances of your case? Will it work?

For the Most Distressing Cases

custodyPerhaps the stress has been high ever since you and your spouse started initially talking divorce. This is normal, and something that mediators see each and every day. So, you may ask: Will a mediator be able to help us even though we have had issues working together? The answer is “yes,” they probably will. Mediators are skilled at getting parents to work together and cooperate even if they are combative and have had issues disagreeing in the past.

Reasons to Choose Child Custody Mediation 

Easier on the Children: We understand that conflict can be high in divorce, but it doesn’t have to transfer into parenting your children. You may have had good intentions but wondered if it would transfer into court that way. This may be one of the reasons you landed on mediation, as it helps you work past the issues without catching your children in the middle.

Neutral: Mediators are known not to take sides, which means that they will hear you speak and they will hear your ex speak so that they can encourage you to meet in the middle and discuss what works best for both of you. You won’t spend a lot of time focusing on the past, because the mediator wants you to both move forward into a brighter future.

No Blame: The blame game will finally end. All that matters is how you will effectively raise your children together. When you stop blaming one another, you will learn how to collaborate and use new skills to create the best parenting plan for both of you. 

Working on Relationship: You want to have an effective parenting relationship moving forward, right? This is what your children want, too, as their parents work together to raise them and give them the world. With workable plans for the future, you will find that the mediation process gives you the strength to move forward.

Mediation may be best for you if you and your ex-spouse have had difficulty communicating in the past but want to work together in the future for your children. Does the process sound good to you and you’re wondering how you can get started? At the Law Offices of Amy M. Montes, we want to help you in every aspect of your case. Call us today to get started as soon as possible.