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The Many Steps of Child Custody Mediation and Why It’s Vital

Child custody is an extremely important decision that you make with your ex-spouse when you decide who is going to make legal decisions for your child and how much time they’re going to spend with both of you. Because of this, many couples find that they can’t agree and their cases end up in front… Continue reading →

When Shared, 50/50 Custody is Right and When It Isn’t

What does it mean when you have shared custody with your ex-spouse? Shared (also known as joint) custody is when the custody arrangements are split as evenly as possible between each parent. This means that you are typically sharing time with the child in equal measure, or whichever arrangement works for you to get as… Continue reading →

When You Are an Unmarried Father, What Are Your Rights?

If you are the biological parent of a child, you have a right to seek reasonable visitation or child custody as it pertains to that child. This applies even to parents who were not married when the child was born. The courts usually look at it this way: Having both parents in the child’s life… Continue reading →

When One Parent Isn’t Abiding by the Order for Visitation Time

It’s everyone’s worst fear: They miss out on time with their child. Sometimes, depending on the circumstances of your case, you may be denied time with your child by the court itself, especially in places where abuse or abandonment have taken place. If the courts believe that you or another parent have acted unsafely and… Continue reading →

Child Support and a Child Who Isn’t Biologically Yours

At the Law Offices of Amy M. Montes, we handle a variety of family law matters that may have a huge impact on your life. One of these is paternity, and acknowledging it so that parents can have rights to a child in their life, as well as receive support in situations where it is… Continue reading →

What if Your Child Wants to Change Their Residency?

When it comes to children, here’s how the courts view things: They probably won’t allow an 8-year-old to make decisions. The truth is, when it comes to many matters and your child’s role of making decisions, it all comes down to the court’s preference and whether or not your child is old and mature enough… Continue reading →

When Your Spouse Suggests Mediation for Custody Matters

What happens if your ex-spouse comes to you and suggests that you take care of your custody matters in a new way? Perhaps they suggested the process of mediation for all your custody matters because they believe that, if you two sit down, you can come to an agreement on all the important aspects. However,… Continue reading →

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Joint Physical Custody: Are There Pros and Cons?

Before we look at the pros and cons of joint physical custody, you first need to understand what it is. Joint custody is the way that two parents share even custody amongst their child. In this physical custody arrangement, children live with their parent one part of the week and with the other parent for… Continue reading →

Divorce Myths You May Have Heard Of: Are They True?

 Every divorce is different, which means everyone experiences different outcomes.  If you are entering into the divorce process, you may have heard rumors from others close to you or on the Internet regarding divorce. Today we want to take a closer look at some of the myths of divorce to shed some light on the truth…. Continue reading →

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How to Communicate With Your Ex-Spouse on Parenting Issues

Have you and your spouse split but share custody with your child or children? It’s important to understand how to communicate properly to get the most out of your custody experience. Being able to communicate on certain issues will give your child the best experience even after their parents have gone through a divorce. Today… Continue reading →

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